As far as I can remember and even before knowing what the meaning of Art was, already my inner artistic sensibility lead me to have a different outlook on things, a need to express myself, and even having the desire to externalize emotions I felt.

When I plunge back into my childhood memories, I can still see myself excited just to have coloured pencils and scribbling all over the place; at one point, I even believed I was actually holding magic sticks. Seeing the pleasure I took in drawing, my parents encouraged me and introduced me to painting, by first offering me a paint by number kit and later they offered me actual oils. Creative and inspired, I began to unleash my imagination and my spontaneity, and in the process of becoming a self-taught artist, developed my own techniques.

Driven by the desire to pursue my artistic journey and dreaming of a career in the field, I applied and was admitted at Concordia University in 1992, and graduated with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree with Distinction. During my studies, I had the opportunity to express myself through a multitude of equally interesting forms of art, but it’s really painting and design that I most loved working with. During the same period, I was introduced to the works of artist-jewellers. It was instant love at first sight! Therefore, I started to also express myself through the creation of jewellery, which represents for me actual wearable artwork.

As my story goes, I continue to feed my creativity, to be artistically involved in my community, to refine my techniques and to implement new ones. My authenticity, my approach combined with my unique style has made it so that a certain clientele, also wishing to express oneself, in search of quality and exclusivity has developed and continues to expand. Sensing this growing demand and wishing for a way to help me respond to it, Francis, my son and number one admirer, decided to get involved in 2014. Entrepreneurial enthusiast, he takes pleasure in helping me in the marketing aspect and the customer service, so I can concentrate on my personal passion: creating!

“ When I face my canvas or the multitude of colourful and glittering jewels, emotions come upon me and in a creative process, are transformed and revealed in all forms of expressions. Each creation is filled with  sincerity and spontaneity. “