Care & cleaning

Give your carefully selected jewellery, preciously yours, the proper care and maintenance which will allow you to cherish them through time.

The best way to start is by putting them away separately in a box or a soft pouch and by keeping them in a dry place. If left uncovered, as air is a reactive element, there may be a risk of tarnishing over time (natural phenomenon, especially with fine silver [.925]). As for pearls, because they’re an organic gem, they naturally contain water and protein and require moisture to retain their beauty. Otherwise, the nacre may dry out and crack.

Regular cleaning of your jewellery is also important to preserve its original finery. That said, it is important to choose the method and the appropriate product depending on the jewellery’s raw materials used to create the piece, otherwise you risk damaging part or all of it.

Pleased to have you informed that we offer an out-of-warranty maintenance and repair service, available as needed. Contact us for more information.